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The most important work we will ever do wll be within the walls of our own homes.

~Harold B. Lee



Treatment of Infidelity & Forgiveness

Fife, S. T., Weeks, G. R., & Stellberg-Filbert, J. (in press). Facilitating forgiveness in the treatment of infidelity: An interpersonal model. Journal of Family Therapy.

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Change Process Research

Whiting, J. B., Nebeker, R. S., & Fife, S. T. (2005). Moral responsiveness and discontinuity in therapy: A qualitative study. Counseling and Values, 50, 20-37.

Other Research

Brock, G. W., Whiting, J. B., Fife, S. T., & Matern, B. (2009). Integrity of the marriage and family therapy research literature: Perceptions and recommendations. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 35(2), 248-252.

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Fife, S. T., & Whiting, J. B. (2007). Values in family therapy research and practice: An invitation for reflection. Contemporary Family Therapy, 29, 71-86.




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